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Unformatted text preview: ces: Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and Colorado Business Economic Outlook Committee. 42 page 36 Total 239.5 241.3 245.8 248.3 253.5 252.6 238.3 236.7 239.8 242.2 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook another year of sales gains, some additional hiring is expected. The state should add almost 2,400 jobs in 2012, slightly fewer than in 2011. Transportation Colorado Air Transportation The U.S. airline industry includes about 600 companies with combined annual revenues of nearly $170 billion. Major companies include American (owned by AMR), Delta, and United Continental, as well as air express delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS. The industry is highly concentrated: the 10-largest companies account for more than 75% of the industry’s revenue. Transportation and Warehousing The Transportation and Warehousing Sector includes air, railroad, and water transportation; trucking; taxi service; urban transit; couriers; warehousing; and pipelines companies. These industries are expected to contribute 62,200 jobs in 2011, falling somewhat in 2012 with continued losses in air transportation. Airlines depend highly on the health o...
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