According to advanced title company the monthly

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Unformatted text preview: in Q2 2008 to the current average home price of $156,000 in Q2 2011. Although the price of homes has 116 continued to fall, the number of foreclosure filings has slowed from 2010. According to Advanced Title Company, the monthly average for foreclosure filings in 2010 was 132, compared to only 87 in 2011—a 34% decline. Taxes Sales tax revenue continues to climb from the low in January 2010. Overall tax collections in Grand Junction are up 9.4%, with the city collecting a little over $32 million through August 2011. The opening of several retail businesses partially contributed to the uptick in tax collection. Tourism Tourism has a large economic impact on Mesa County. Lodging tax revenue in Grand Junction is down 3% through August 2011 compared to 6.9% in 2010. That may be the only glimmer of good news in tourism in the area. Occupancy rates are down from 78.2% in September 2010 to 72% in 2011, and the average price of a room has also dropped 5%, from $89.00 in 2010 to $84.72 in 2011. Summary Mesa County continu...
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