Also the us tax code has come into question with

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Unformatted text preview: here is the Occupy Wall Street movement and the question of how it might influence political debate in this country during a presidential election year. The super committee’s inability to find concensus for debt reduction and fiscal sustainable risks additional downgrades to the U.S. credit rating and greater uncertainty. Failure to make meaningful gains in this regard risks additional downgrades to the U.S. credit rating. While the long-term impact of such actions can be debated, of immediate relevance is that new elements of uncertainty will exist throughout 2012. Perhaps that is the reason why the FOMC policy announcements have focused on keeping the Federal Funds rate at exceptionally low levels until at least through mid-2013. What other exogenous factors are impacting the markets and the U.S. economy? It seems oddly appropriate that exogenous is a Greek word because as 2011 closes out, Greece is front and center, standing as the poster child for the 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook sovereign debt crisis. As this is being written, Greek Prime Minister Papandreou resigned and is working with the opposition party to create a u...
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