Both residential natural gas and electricity

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Unformatted text preview: ial electric consumption decreased 2.6%, while residential natural gas consumption slid 1%. Electricity consumption was nearly flat in Colorado, increasing by a mere 0.2%, from 52,099 million kWh in 2010 to an estimated 52,198 million kWh a year later. Colorado natural gas consumption fell from 495.2 BCF in 2010 to an estimated 474.6 BCF in 2011, a decline of more than 4%. CESR Center for Education on Social Responsibility Longer term, the demand for electricity and natural gas is expected to be stable. Consumers and utilities continue to implement conservation efforts, and Colorado utilities continue to strive to provide affordable, reliable power while being responsible environmental stewards. < Building Social Consciousness Among Tomorrow’s Leaders CESR: Center for Education on Social Responsibility CESR prepares graduate and undergraduate students of today to meet the economic, environmental, social, and ethical business challenges of tomorrow. • CESR courses ensure that all of Leeds’ graduates, through required exposure to principles of corporate social responsibility and their practical applications, have the capacity not only to enhance firm...
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