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Unformatted text preview: performance, but to do so in an ethical way that is mindful of the impact of decisions on stakeholders. • CESR Executive Partners recruits executives to volunteer their time and skills to work with students at the Leeds School of Business and to support CESR financially. • The Conscious Capitalism Conference features innovative executives and entrepreneurs who have used the traditional tools of capitalism to serve social needs To learn more about our offerings, visit leeds.colorado.edu/cesr or contact Birdie Reznicek, Managing Director of CESR at 303-492-4214 or Birdie.Reznicek@Colorado.edu. Find CESR on and @leedscesr Larissa Herda, CEO of tw telecom, has often been an executive visitor in CESR’s Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage course, and serves on the CESR Board. 47 Leeds BEOF Book Ads FINAL.indd 8 11/9/11 12:43 PM 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook Information Overview T he Information Supersector continues to operate in a state of flux. The industry’s entrepreneurial...
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