Colorados major media have all moved into the digital

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Unformatted text preview: uding both news dissemination and advertising. The Post now offers a full spate of digital platforms and services. Among those are its digital, mobile, and social media news platforms, as well as its digital ad network, called Ad Taxi Network, which is a search engine optimization solution for advertisers. With these digital platforms and solutions, the Post claims it can 48 target any audience at any time for any duration for any advertiser. Denver’s other media outlets such as KCNC, KMGH, and Gannet’s KUSA are similarly positioning themselves as fully integrated media channels or networks. KUSA, for example, is marketed as the “networks of 9News,” displaying the logos of various broadcast and online content channels. KUSA has also branched out with discrete websites targeted at specific audiences, such as its site aimed at mothers called “Moms,” its “DealChicken” site, and finally its “Metromix” site focused on Denver restaurants, bars, nightclubs and music, and other events. KCNC and CBS Denver.com have their version as well, called “Top Spots,” which features similar content. All have aggressively adopted the social...
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