Companies in all sectors have chosen to let property

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Unformatted text preview: their participation in that market segment. Companies in all sectors have chosen to let property sit idle as they believe this eliminates the need to carry coverage on these autos, trucks, and equipment not required for service. Several severe uninsured theft or physical damage losses have occurred as stored equipment is still subject to all the standard perils. Additionally, companies have many times chosen to reduce policy limits in order to save premiums. Underinsured claims have dramatically increased over the last several years as well. Workers’ compensation premiums are on the rise according to a recent study released by the Colorado Division of Insurance. Pinnacol Assurance continues to dominate the market for companies with limited or no employees working outside the state of Colorado. The relatively new doctrine of health risk management continues to gain steam as employer commitment to creating a healthier and more productive workforce expands throughout Colorado. Agents and brokers have also experienced c...
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