Deposits from q2 2011 fell an average of 72 relative

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Unformatted text preview: eclosure, down from 1 in 435 in Q1 2011. The OBER tracks bank deposits at four local and regional banks. Since Q3 2009, bank deposits have been weakening. Deposits from Q2 2011 fell an average of 7.2% relative to the same period in 2010, an improvement compared to the 8.6% average decline the previous year. Recent and Future Trends Like the rest of the state and nation, several key trends in the La Plata economy are negative. Despite a falling unemployment rate, the labor market remains weak. Given Colorado’s propensity to lag behind the rest of the country’s economy, La Plata’s local economy is expected to remain unsteady. Falling demand in construction and a weak real estate industry will continue to hamper the economy’s potential for robust growth. Underemployment will persist as the region continues to depend largely on seasonal construction and low value-added jobs. Furthermore, the OBER has found a close relationship between housing markets in San Diego and Durango with a one-year lag. Thus, given the recent declines in the Southern California mark...
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