Improvements ranging from minor developments to major

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Unformatted text preview: ojects exceeding more than $50 million for the 2011-12 season. Improvements ranging from minor developments to major renovations allow the resorts to provide the finest ski experience available. Total 11.61 11.25 11.81 12.53 12.56 12.54 11.85 11.85 12.20 12.32 a Revised. b Forecast. Sources: Colorado Ski Country USA and Colorado Business Economic Outlook Committee. Challenges Challenges facing the Leisure and Hospitality Supersector include the following: • A slow economic recovery: A weak housing market, a lack of recovery in labor markets, and low consumer confidence all lead to weak spending. The trends of shorter travel distances and lead times, and more budget-conscious decisions are patterns of consumer behavior. • Inflation: Inflationary pressures are still high in the travel industry and a substantial consumer concern. Since Colorado is a major drive vacation market, the volatile price of gasoline can have a significant impact. • Income: Real median household incomes are down 7% from 2000. • Pricin...
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