Natural in renewable resources utilities have

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Unformatted text preview: lity to balance load with renewable energy. The state currently has generation in wind, central, and on-site solar, biomass, and hydro resources. Utilities, in conjunction with state and federal agencies, are offering programs and rebates to entice customers to reduce load, use energy efficient appliances, and operate more efficiently. Growing domestic natural gas production, large underground storage volumes, and adequate access to pipelines continues to drop the price of natural gas below 2010 levels. National natural gas consumption increased in 2011 by an average of 1.2 billion cubic feet per day; however, this increase is primarily attributed to the growth in gas consumption for electric generation purposes as residential demand for natural gas has actually decreased. Wholesale natural gas prices have continued to hover around $4 per MMBtu, which bodes well for retail natural gas and electricity consumers as consumption in the electric power sector makes up nearly half of the total natural gas consumption for the country. Both residential natural gas and electricity consumption have seen decreased demand in the nation in 2011 based on slow economic growth, increased efficiency, and favorable weather patterns. National resident...
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