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Unformatted text preview: is moribund. That being said, some very low budget films (under $500,000) are being produced in the state, and the 10% incentive program has proved somewhat attractive to commercial and documentary producers. The biggest content creator in Colorado is High Noon Entertainment, which currently has 26 shows in production for 11 cable networks—in all, more than 500 hours of reality television production in 2011. Although most of these shows are shot out of state, either for content reasons or to take advantage of better incentives, most of the shows are assembled, edited, and finished in Denver. It is estimated that $40 million per year comes into Colorado as a result of this significant operation. High Noon employs approximately 200 full-time employees in Colorado and employs many freelance workers as well. In 2012, a major improvement in Colorado’s incentives for film, television, and other media is expected. This will take legislation, which, if passed, will transpire in July 2012, the start of...
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