Other helpful decision making tools include the

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Unformatted text preview: ng tools include the quarterly Leeds Business Confidence Index, a forward-looking index that gauges Colorado business leaders’ opinions about national and state economic trends and how their industry will perform in the coming quarter, and the quarterly Colorado Business Review newsletter. CONTACT US Dr. Richard Wobbekind, Executive Director richard.wobbekind@colorado.edu 303-492-1147 Brian Lewandowski, Research Associate brian.lewandowski@colorado.edu 303-492-3307 brdinfo@colorado.edu | leeds.colorado.edu/brd 3 Leeds BEOF Book Ads FINAL.indd 1 11/9/11 12:42 PM 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook Colorado Then and Now C ountless events have shaped the American culture and economy over the past 60 years, many of which left thumbprints that can still be detected today. Nationally, such epic events range from wars to the interstate system to civil rights and free trade agreements. For Colorado, important events include the landing of federal labs, the growth of high-tech companies, the development of DIA, and the passage of TABOR. The adjacent timeline provides...
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