State gdp and income in 2010 colorado real gdp growth

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Unformatted text preview: n 2010, Colorado real GDP growth and employment growth each ranked 38th in the nation, and per capita personal income growth ranked 40th, demonstrating the relatively slow economic recovery. Colorado per capita income ranked 14th nationally, at $42,226, in 2010. Year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 GDP growth was 1.4% in Colorado, compared to 2.6% nationally. Regionally, Colorado ranked in the middle, behind Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico, but ahead of Montana, Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming. Employment growth in Colorado declined 1% in 2010, compared to a loss of 0.8% nationally. While all of the regional states lost employment in 2010, Montana and Utah did so at a slower rate than Colorado, while Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, and Nevada all recorded larger rates of decline. Per capita personal income grew 2.2% in 2010, compared to the national average of 2.8%. U.S. CPI 184.0 188.9 195.3 201.6 207.3 2009 2010 b 2011 c 2012 215.3 214.5 218.1 225.0 230.0 U.S. CPI Rate 2.3% 2.7 3.4 3.2 2...
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