The colorado mining association reports that overall

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Unformatted text preview: 131 coal miners at the New Elk Mine, which offsets the loss of 18 mining jobs at the McClane Canyon Mine in January when the mine went idle because of the closing of Xcel Energy’s Cameo Power Plant. Export Coal mainly along the Front Range urban corridor and in states outside of Colorado. Colorado is considered one of the major environmental compliance coal suppliers in the nation. The state’s coal emits the lowest level of mercury in the nation. Colorado’s coal product is a low-sulfur, high-heat value product that is very much in demand for air pollution control. More than 55% of the coal produced in Colorado is shipped by rail or truck to 20 other states, with destinations as far away as Florida. The five states that use the most Colorado coal are Kentucky, Utah, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In addition to power generation, over 1.2 million tons of coal is shipped annually to manufacturing and industrial plants in Texas, Wisconsin, and Indiana for cement and other industrial uses. Cons...
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