The new elk mine opened in las animas county and

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Unformatted text preview: type of coal called coking coal, or metallurgical coal. This mine has an estimated metallurgical coal resource of 388 million tons. Cline hopes to mine up to 3 million tons per year to supply the growing Asian metallurgical coal market. In September 2011, Western Fuels Colorado entered into an agreement to purchase the Colowyo Mine in Moffat County from Rio Tinto. Colowyo mines coal that Western Fuels supplies to the Craig power plant. Production Colorado currently ranks as the 11th-most productive coal mining state, just behind North Dakota and Ohio. On the basis of current weekly coal production data, the Colorado Geological Survey projects that the state’s total coal production will be 26.8 million tons by year-end 2011, a 6% increase over the prior year, with expectations for production to remain flat in 2012. Since 1864, nearly 1.44 billion tons of coal have been mined from the state’s reserves. Approximately 24% of the historic total has been mined in the last 10 years. Annual coal production p...
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