The strategies to advance colorados highly skilled

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Unformatted text preview: d to veterans, minorities, and women. The Strategies to Advance Colorado’s Highly Skilled Workforce grant will fund advanced training in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industries, and the fields of information technology and advanced manufacturing, with a focus on aerospace. The grants will target workers statewide with the philosophy that economic recovery must focus on skills as well as job numbers. CDLE has identified a skills gap in the Colorado workforce. According to CDLE, businesses will save nearly $2.3 million in training costs and $3 million in savings for using local labor rather than foreign workers on H1-B visas. The grant’s return on investment for businesses and 70 for the state will be more than $6 million over four years. Large corporations in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Sector have teamed with higher education programs to train new workers and widen the career opportunities of young adults. Programs include Renewable Energy Technology, Homeland Security,...
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