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Unformatted text preview: Colorado’s annual employment changes expressed in percentages, along with a glimpse of some of the social, economic, educational, and political changes that have occurred since 1950. Colorado events are listed above the line, and national events are listed below. In 1950, the United States was a net exporter of goods. National population was about 151 million, and approximately 1.3 million people resided in Colorado. The Dow Jones reached a monthly high of 235, and Colorado per capita personal income was $1,512. Since then, the U.S. population has grown to more than 312 million, and Colorado’s has more than 5.1 million residents. The United States has a massive trade deficit, the DOW is hovering around 12,000, and Colorado per capital personal income is over $42,000. This timeline emphasizes the importance of learning from the past. A historical perspective of earlier events can help businesses make more effective decisions today and in the future. < 4 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook 5 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook U.S. Economic Outlook T wo-an...
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