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Unformatted text preview: is initially presented at the forty-seventh annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook Forum in Denver, followed by approximately 50 forecast speeches that are held throughout the state during the year, ranging from presentations to industry associations and nonprofit organizations to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Methodology We are fortunate to have approximately 100 individuals from business, education, and government who serve on 13 sector estimating groups. These groups convene at a kickoff meeting in September, 2 where members discuss trends and issues that are likely to affect economic growth during the upcoming year. During the second half of September and into October, the committees apply this information to their industry. From this series of meetings, the sector write-ups and forecasts are prepared and submitted to the BRD in early November, when they are edited and published in this book. The following June, the Steering Committee, which is comprised of the sector chairs, meets to review their forecasts and identify factors that will positively or negatively drive change in their industry’s economic performance during the second half of the year. These updates are published...
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