The population under 18 grew faster than the over 18

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Unformatted text preview: er than the over 18 population in only a few counties, including San Miguel, Eagle, Pitkin, Summit, and Gunnison. Hispanics were the only race/ethnicity where the population younger than 18 grew faster (44%) than the population over 18 (39%). Currently, 42% of the population under 18 is a minority (all except White non-Hispanic), compared to 15% of the population over 65. Family households (with related individuals) grew at a slower rate than nonfamily households (living alone or with unrelated individuals). Households with children also grew slower; their share of all households dropped from 32% to 30%. Families with children, with both parents living together, fell from 75% of all households with children, to 72%, with a larger share of single-parent households. The largest growth of households was in nonfamily households, rising 24% over the decade compared to family households, which grew 16%. A subsector of this group is one-person households, which rose 26% over the decade and account for 28% of all households. The short-run population forecast...
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