These reserve adjustments and expanded premiums gave

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Unformatted text preview: crease. The DIF increased by $4.9 billion to post its first positive quarterly balance, $3.9 billion, since June 2009. The DIF must now continue to build toward the Dodd-Frank 2020 goal of 1.35% of insured deposits. The FDIC also reported in October 2011 that it is closing two of its three temporary field offices set up to handle the increase in bank failures. Colorado Banks As stated in 2010, Colorado’s community banks had limited options for raising new capital as required by regulators. Some of Colorado’s troubled community banks were able to raise capital and repair their balance sheets; however, six could not and were closed by the FDIC in 2011. It should be noted that the magnitude of the increase in Colorado bank failures in 2011 over prior years was continued on page 60 59 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook Financial Activities continued from page 59 likely a function of FDIC scheduling of resources rather than sudden local industry downturn. The most common form of raising capital for these banks was private placement investments, wher...
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