While a total of about 27300 jobs were added between

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Unformatted text preview: formance came to an abrupt halt in 2009. While a total of about 27,300 jobs were added between 2003 and 2008, approximately 10,500 positions were lost in 2009. Slight recovery took place in 2010 when 700 jobs were added. With sector employment increasing by 7,400 jobs, or 2.8% in continued on page 84 83 2012 Colorado Business Economic Outlook Leisure and Hospitality continued from page 83 2011, it is encouraging to see growth returning. That said, the industry is still recovering and has yet to exceed the 2008 job total of 272,900 jobs. Continued growth is forecast for 2012, but at the slower pace of 1.4%, or 3,800 jobs. If the forecast is achieved and jobs total 274,300 in 2012, it would be a new record for the sector. Food service dominates the employment picture for this supersector, accounting for roughly two-thirds of total Leisure and Hospitality employees. Accommodations According to the STR Analytics (www.STRanalytics.com) projections for 2011, hotel occupancy across the state will rise 5.5%, to 59.3%, by the end of 2011; average da...
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