Com mr mark hamouz pe co chair lonco inc principal

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Unformatted text preview: et Information 303-318-8856 chris.akers@state.co.us Ms. Cindy DeGroen Colorado Department of Local Affairs Division of Local Government Projections Demographer 303-866-3004 cindy.degroen@state.co.us Professional and Business Services Dr. Steve Fisher(Co-Chair) Economist 303-499-7875 stevefisher2995@msn.com Mr. Mark Hamouz, P.E. (Co-Chair) LONCO, Inc. Principal 303-620-0098 mhamouz@lonco.com Mr. Dan Powers Western Disposal Services Community Relations Coordinator 303-448-2355 dpowers@westerndisposal.com Dr. Phyllis Resnick R Squared Analysis, LLC Managing Director 303-554-9292 r2analysis@comcast.net Ms. Lisa Shade Northrop-Grumman Corporation Electronic Systems 720-308-6546 coloradoshade@yahoo.com Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Mr. Tim Sheesley (Chair) Xcel Energy Chief Economist 303-294-2662 tim.sheesley@xcelenergy.com Mr. Ryan Brandle Colorado Legislative Council Economist, Legislative Council 303-866-4105 ryan.brendle@state.co.us Mr. John Ferguson Excel Consulting, Inc. Managing Principal 303-410-9775 jfergie01@comcast.net Mr....
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