Premiums over the prior year was 144 the 2010

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Unformatted text preview: the prior year was 14.4%. The 2010 Mountain States Employer Council survey reports a 10% increase by its respondents. Impact of Relentless Inflation, the Flagging Economy, and Legislation on Healthcare Coverage Is healthcare coverage an important factor in the “economic health” of the country? Lack of coverage is tied to 96 preventable deaths per 100,000 in the United States compared to 55 per 100,000 in France, where there is universal access. Additionally, a survey conducted in the United States in 2010 relates that about one in three adults did not get medical care, did not fill a prescription, or skipped a needed test or treatment because of cost. The corresponding statistic for Great Britain is Even before the economic 2008 downturn, the high and unrelenting rise in the cost of health insurance has continued to diminish the number of individuals and businesses that can afford premiums. Family insurance premiums were 15% of the median family income in 2003, and rose to 19% in 2009. A survey of...
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