Ka gametic life cycle multicellular diploid body

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Unformatted text preview: lization Diploid (2n) Zygote Eukaryotic Sexual Life Cycle (review) Gametes Haploid (n) Diplontic Life cycle (animals) Meiosis produces gametes Meiosis Fertilization Diploid (2n) Diploid phase is expanded Zygote (a.k.a gametic life cycle) multicellular diploid body mitosis Eukaryotic Sexual Life Cycle (review) Haplontic life cycle (fungi, some algae) Zygote undergoes meoisis Haploid phase is expanded (a.k.a. zygotic life cycle) mitosis multicellular haploid body mitosis Gametes Haploid (n) Meiosis Fertilization Diploid (2n) Zygote Plant Life Cycle Gametes Alternation of generations (a.ka. sporic life cycle) Haploid (n) Meiosis Fertilization Diploid (2n) Both haploid and diploid phases expanded Zygote BIS2C Lecture 15: ‚Äúnon-vascular‚...
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