Moist b no roots c no true vasculiture 1above

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Unformatted text preview: ures of Individual Clades vasculiate –  Liverworts –  Moss –  Hornworts •  Limitations Shared traits among mosses, liverworts, hornworts ~habibtat~ a. moist b. no roots c. no true vasculiture 1.above timberline 2. artic circle 3. antartica Typical Habitat Moist environments Dense Mat Often grow on trees in shady locales Plants are a members of a species with an Alternation ese of Generations Unlike most (vascular) plants, can grow directly on rocks. Important colonizers. Swimming Sperm: Dispersal 1)  Splashes from raindrops or… 2) Mechanical release Mechanical Sperm Dispersal in Liverwort (Concocephalum sp.) Shinamura et al. J Plant Res (2008) 121:69-71 http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ALGDLzWcvnU BIS2C Lecture 15: “non-vascular” plants •  •  •  Plants and Animals Common Features Life Cycle –  review –  Moss •  Key features of Individual Clades –  Liverworts –  Moss –  Hornworts •  Limitations •  Introduction to Vascular Plants Eukaryotic Sexual Life Cycle (review) Gametes Common features Haploid (n) Meiosis Ferti...
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