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WPQ 3 - as should being “agreeable”(P 752 He continues...

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Kevin Pintauro February 5, 2008 WPQ 3 121 S 06 1. Mary Wollstonecraft attacks the statements made from other authors especially Rousseau and Dr. Gregory. (P. 747) She claims that men have taken their greater natural ability of strength and have used it to belittle women further so than they actually deserve. Wollstonecraft prepares her arguments by first addressing the ideas that have been made of women already and declaring that they are wrong. I think the questions Wollstonecraft raises about the role of the husband and wife were her best. She has found a reason why infidelity within marriages begins. She says it is more rational to believe that a woman will seek to pleasure other men then to keep to them self if they are neglected (P. 750). I thought one of the more alarming arguments that Wollstonecraft attacks is towards Rousseau, who depicts his “ideal woman”, Sophia,
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Unformatted text preview: as should being “agreeable” (P. 752). He continues that it is a woman’s job to please and to be the subject of her husband. I think if Rousseau (or any respectable man) had dared write something like that today they would have been met with a much harsher and less formal retort than the courteous one of Wollstonecraft. 2. Emily Dickenson’s “I never lost as much but twice” consists of a lot imagery and symbolism. The lines “Twice have I stood a beggar – Before the door of God!” show the speaker begging for the lives of two people that have died on separate occasions. The “door of God” is heaven. The speaker is poor when grieving the life of someone who has passed away and when another dies the speaker is “poor once more”....
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