Venturesome Capital- State Charter School Finance Systems

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Unformatted text preview: ools for parent transportation at the same level as the IRS mileage deduction, now about 32.5 cents a mile. 51 Venturesome Capital: State Charter School Finance Systems The discussion above does not describe the adequacy of funding for charter school transportation, regardless of whether it is provided by the school or district. Due to geographic dispersion, charter school students are probably more expensive to transport than regular students. Magnet schools in public school districts also carry these higher transportation costs, as do desegregation plans. If charter schools provide or contract for transportation, the school absorbs the higher transportation cost. Allowing charter schools a choice about providing transportation is partly an acknowledgment of the potential impracticality of providing transportation through traditional means both for charter schools and for school districts. Other State Categorical Programs Although a source of controversy and uncertainty, “other state categorical” programs generally represent very small pools of money. Among all of the charter school states studied, California distributed the most money through other state categorical programs, averaging about $520 per pupil.30 On the other hand, all but four charter school states distributed less than $50 per pupil in other state categorical aid as listed in Table 13. The table includes only those categorical programs for which charter schools should routinely get funding. Funding for adult education, preschool and like programs is not included. “Other” state categorical funding also excludes special education, low-income, transportation, vocational education and food service funding. TABLE 13 Other State Categorical Funding1 More than $50 Less than $50 Integrated Into Perpupil Funding Calculation California ($520), Florida ($200), Georgia ($160), Illinois ($180) Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin District of Columbia,2 Hawaii,2 Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island 1 “Other” excludes special education, low-income, transportation, vocational education, adult education, preschool and food service funding. 2 Only one school district in state. Categorical funding questions resemble those arising in federal funding for charter schools. Can a charter school qualify for funding on its own, or does it get a share of the local school district’s allocation? Is there enough funding to justify the effort needed to get it and the accountability that may go with the funding? Because the awarding of grants is discretionary, controversy engendered by the outsider status of charter schools may arise as well. In Louisiana, for instance, a district-chartered school’s competitive grant application 30 Includes school improvement program, LEP, instructional materials, class size reduction, mentor teacher state compensatory education and others. Ex...
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