Venturesome Capital- State Charter School Finance Systems

Basic elementary charter school enrolls only students

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Unformatted text preview: y a sending district is $4,460 per pupil. b Based on tuition in Boston The highest average tuition for a charter school is $10,400, and the highest payment from a sending district is $12,250 per pupil. c Incorporated into tuition based on characteristics of the sending districts. Categorical-type programs are included in the 11 enrollment categories that are part of the general state aid formula. Special education costs average 18 percent of operating costs statewide. Bilingual costs average 3 percent of operating costs statewide. d Estimated state average transportation costs per enrolled pupil (not user). e One-time appropriation of state building funds for 1998-99. Not included in revenue total. f Received by school districts, not charter schools. Estimated to average 31 percent of tuition for 1998-99. 148 Appendix Massachusetts Horace Mann Charter Schools Horace Mann charter schools are chartered by the state, but must approved by a local school committee, the local teacher’s union president and the state board of education. Horace Mann charter schools are exempt from state rules and regulations to the same extent as commonwealth charter schools. They may also be exempt from local collective bargaining agreements, provided that employees of the charter school remain members of the collective bargaining unit, continue to accrue seniority and receive, at a minimum, the salary and benefits established by the local collective bargaining agreement. Base Funding: Although funding is reached through a combination of negotiations and implementation of the regular school district budget allocation formula, Horace Mann schools cannot receive less than they would secure under the standard school district budget allocation procedure. A school can appeal a disproportionately small budget to the Massachusetts Department of Education. Special Education, Limited-English Proficiency, and Low-Income Students: Horace Mann charter schools are likely to get funding specifically for special needs students in the school. Exact funding levels are the product of a combination of negotiations and implementation of the regular school district budget allocation formula. Transportation: Transportation is provided to Horace Mann charter schools on the same basis as regular distinct schools, but the law does not prevent alternative arrangements. Capital Outlay and Facilities Financing: School districts are responsible for facilities. Horace Mann charter schools are often housed in existing public school facilities, but they may also acquire property with the permission of the local school committee. Federal Funding: Depending on the agreement with the school district, a Horace Mann school could apply for and receive its federal funding directly from state and federal authorities. Otherwise, federal funding flows through the regular budgeting process in the district. Horace Mann schools also qualify for federal start-up funding. State Start-Up Assistance: None from state sources. Uniform Financial Reporting and Auditing Practice: Like Commonwealth charter schools, however, Horace Mann schools must complete an annual report and an i...
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