Venturesome Capital- State Charter School Finance Systems

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Unformatted text preview: hool averages $5,700 per pupil. e Estimated at 6 percent of general operating revenue. f In service and educational excellence grants. b Appendix 139 Venturesome Capital: State Charter School Finance Systems Louisiana Base Funding: Of the four types of Louisiana charter schools, school districts authorize three.7 District-authorized schools receive a per-pupil amount based on the average revenue of the authorizing district excluding capital funding.8 Grade level funding and weighted funding based on various student characteristics are part of the funding calculation for school districts but not charter schools. The weighting system for school districts includes adjustments for at-risk students, vocational education, special education, gifted and talented, and a weight for smaller districts to offset their loss of economies of scale. The total school district revenue produced by the weighted formula is then used to calculate an average student revenue amount for charter schools.9 Each student brings to a charter school the average revenue of the school district rather than the funding actually generated by the student. A state-authorized school (Type 2) receives all of its funds directly from the state, but it generally mirrors the amount of funding for Type 1, 3 and 4 schools.10 Geographic Adjustments: School districts with fewer than 5,000 students receive an economy-of-scale adjustment. The maximum adjustment generates 12.5 percent more revenue per pupil and is calculated by taking the difference between district enrollments 7 Type 1 charters result from an agreement between a nonprofit corporation and a local school board. Type 2 charters result from an agreement between a nonprofit corporation and the state board of elementary and secondary education. Type 3 is a conversion school that is the result of an agreement between a local board and a nonprofit corporation. Type 4 is a conversion school resulting from an agreement between a local board and the state board. 8 Louisiana law states that schools of Types 1, 3 and 4 receive “an amount for each pupil based on average daily membership in the charter school that is equal to the average current operating expenditure per pupil received by the local school board pursuant to the most recent legislative approved minimum foundation program formula, including appropriate weighted factors.” 9 The range of basic revenue available to charter schools varies substantially. Using 1997 data, St. Landry Parish ranked at the lower end (approximately 10th percentile of parishes). Its average funding was $3,870 per pupil. Red River was ranked as a middle range parish, with revenue of $4,395. Ascension was ranked as a high revenue parish (approximately 90th percentile), with revenue of $5,088. 10 These funds come from a separate state appropriation and are not billed back to the district. However, the state recoups most of this funding because charter school students no longer count as funded students in the parish. 140 Appendix Louisiana and the 5,000 student ceiling.11...
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