Venturesome Capital- State Charter School Finance Systems

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Unformatted text preview: . — 1997. A National Study of Charter Schools: First-Year Report. Washington, D.C.: Office of Educational Research and Improvement. U.S. Department of Education. (Visited 2/9/00) <>. Rofes, E. 1998. How Are School Districts Responding to Charter Laws and Charter Schools? A Study of Eight States and the District of Columbia. Berkeley, Calif.: Policy Analysis for California Education. Rothstein, R. (with Miles, K.). 1995. Where’s the Money Gone? Changes in the Level and Composition of Education Spending Washington, D.C.: Economic Policy Institute. 94 References Rothstein. R. 1997. Where’s The Money Gone? Changes in the Level and Composition of Education Spending, 1991-96. Washington, D.C.: Economic Policy Institute. SRI International. Powell, J., Blackorby, J., Marsh, J., Finnegan, K., Anderson, L. 1997. Evaluation of Charter School Effectiveness. Sacramento, Calif.: Legislative Analyst’s Office. (Visited 2/9/00) <>. Texas Education Agency. Office of Charter Schools. 1998. Open Enrollment Charter Schools: Second Year Evaluation. Austin, Texas. (Visited2/9/00) <>. Thompson, J. 1995. “Hawaii.” Public School Finance Programs of the United States and Canada, 1993-94. Ed. Gold, S., Smith, D., Lawton, S. New York: Nelson Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York. U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO). 1998a. Charter Schools: Federal Funding Available but Barriers Exist. Washington D.C. GAO/HEHS-98-84. (Visited 2/9/00) < cgi-bin/useftp.cgi?IPaddress= diskb/wais/data/gao>. U.S. GAO. 1998b. Charter Schools: Recent Experiences in Accessing Federal Funds. Washington D.C GAO/T-HEHS-98-129. (Visited 2/9/00) < &filename=he98129t.txt&directory=/diskb/wais/data/gao>. U.S. GAO. 1997. Charter Schools: Issues Affecting Access to Federal Funding. Washington D.C. GAO/T-HEHS-97-216. (Visited 2/9/00) < he97216t.txt&directory=/diskb/wais/data/gao>. Wells, A. 1998. Beyond the Rhetoric of Charter School Reform: A Study of Ten California School Districts. Los Angeles, Calif.: University of California at Los Angeles. (Visited 2/9/00) <>. WestEd. 1998. “The Findings and Implications of Increased Flexibility and Accountability: An Evaluation of Charter Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District.” San Francisco: WestEd. (Visited 2/9/00) <>. Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau. 1998. Charter School Program Evaluation. Madison, Wis. (Visited 2/9/00) <>....
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