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Kevin Pintauro February 12, 2007 WPQ 4 121 S 06 1. Why does Darwin suggest that both sexes should not marry if they are somehow “inferior” to another? How should inferiority be measured? 2. Do you think that Darwin sufficiently explains how non-similarities emerge in heredity? If so, how? If not, why? 1. What does Felicite and Loulou’s relationship symbolize or represent? Is Flaubert trying to convey a hidden message? 2. Why is Felicite affected by the death of Madame Aubain?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you see a correlation between her emotions and that of kidnapped person toward their kidnapper (Stockholm’s Syndrome)? 1. Compare the conclusion of The Thirteenth Night with that of Voltaire’s Candide. What is the significance of this sort of unexpected (un-)fulfillment when the two pairs reunite? 2. Do you find that Oseki is a Romantic style author or a more realistic author? Both? Can tragedy be romantic?...
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