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Journal 9- - attention and quickly allowed me to make the...

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Kevin Pintauro March 31, 2008 Daily Journal Halberstam P 47-96 Halberstam goes further in to the life of Brandon Teena and other transgender people such as Billy Tipton whose story is unique because he (actually she) was able to successfully conceal his (her) biological gender to the public up until his (her) death. It was not until his death that his son noticed and later confirmed by the coroner. Teena’s tragedy is proof why Tipton was forced to conceal his gender his entire life. Halberstam further attempts to define what it is to be “gay” and “transgender” by distinguishing the differences between various peoples who have varying opinions of how they would classify themselves sexually and by their identity. I think Halberstam presents and examines the terms discussed appropriately and correctly. By mentioning the different types (and stereotypes) of different persons who “wouldn’t quite call themselves male, but certainly not female” (“butch”) grabbed my
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Unformatted text preview: attention and quickly allowed me to make the distinction myself because of callous usage off words such as “butch”. I feel as if she is talking directly to someone close to my age and “understanding” of the world. I am not sure of her orientation, but regardless of it, she gives herself permission and the right to use these words freely as if she were one herself and is able to see passed the “meaning” of words and interpret them as she does. Each of her allusions to Hollywood movies describes something that took the movie an hour and a half to two hours to tell with the mere mention of their title and the characters. Even if one hasn’t seen some of these flicks (there are only a few that I have not) their stories are entangled with pop culture to the point where it is even necessary to actually have seen them empowering her messages and speaking subliminally to younger audiences....
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