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Kevin Pintauro January 21, 2008 Daily Journal 1 Mary Wollstonecraft attacks the statements made from other authors especially Rousseau and Dr. Gregory. She claims that men have taken their greater natural ability of strength and have used it to belittle women further so than they actually deserve. Wollstonecraft prepares her arguments by first addressing the ideas that have been made of women already and declaring that they are wrong. She says that the prejudices of men have clouded their reason and that only reason, virtue and experience matter in judging one’s character. I think the questions Wollstonecraft raises about the role of the husband and wife were her best. She has found a reason why infidelity within marriages begins.
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Unformatted text preview: She says it more rational (reason) to believe that a woman will seek to pleasure other men then to keep to themselves if they are neglected (P. 38). She also says that the best mothers are from unhappy marriages (experience). The neglected wife has unique experiences that have trained them to depend on themselves which is a valuable thing to be taught as a child (P. 42). She also says that in the past that the few extraordinary women who rushed out of the orbit prescribed by their sex were actually male spirits confined by mistake in female frames (virtue) (P. 47). The world is set up for men to become virtuous and it is so for all male spirits. Joan of Arc immediately comes to mind when thinking of this....
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