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Kevin Pintauro February 18, 2008 Daily Journal 5 In De Beauvoir’s The Second Sex , she acknowledges that there are “necessary” differences between the sexes for the purpose of the species. All beings are somehow “subordinated” in one way or another; as are the sexes. De Beauvoir also acknowledges that humans are unique amongst all other species and argues that any “rivalry” between men and women is a result of the mind and not physiology. But because of this, sex for woman is used as a weapon that is simultaneously a weakness and strength which use results in ever constant and unfair conflict. After reading De Beauvoir I find that her observations and analysis is accurate
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Unformatted text preview: in that it is still unfinished. She gives, in my opinion, no definitive or single answer to the dilemma that is “men versus women”. I think that this is a good way of writing because the issue is truly ambiguous and may never be “resolved” (assuming that there is something that needs to be resolved at all). As much as she strives for the idea of equality, I think that based on her own reasoning that it is only wishful thinking because, society only has one chance at history and history has already been well-written and has repeated itself (almost) always casting woman as “secondary” and man as “primary”....
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