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Journal 8- - homosexuality” and how naïve and ignorant...

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Kevin Pintauro March 24, 2008 Daily Journal Halberstam P 1-46 Halberstam immediately begins her book with references to other authors such as Pile and Foucault who essentially have written on the same core subject that she is. She is taking “the next step” from what they have already written on and giving the reader an understanding or a source of her opinions. She then goes introduces the life and tragedy of Brandon Teena, a biological female but with a male “identity”, in to her book. One of Halberstam’s explanations for this “phenomenon” emerging so suddenly is her Freud reference that is general but complete explanation for young girls’ infatuation with “girlish men” is merely a sign of immaturity and will fade with age. The reality perhaps is that it is better concealed with age. I find it a little remarkable some of the past explanations of the “origin of
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Unformatted text preview: homosexuality” and how naïve and ignorant we know them to be now: “Homosexuals are originally from urban areas” makes me chuckle. Halberstam mentions another author, Gayle Rubin, who wrote “Thinking Sex” explaining simply that cities are a haven for gays because it is the only place they can exist as themselves and still perhaps conceal it when necessary in public whereas in rural areas, such as in Teena’s case, there are too few people to have something like “being gay” go unnoticed. I like how Halberstam sets up her first chapter by explaining her range of knowledge and acknowledgement of other authors before her because it makes her own words more valid by combining the weight of others’ words together. Her approach to this subject is justified and explained with examples every sentence of the way....
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