Ch 25 Liver Questions - Chapter 25 Nutrition Liver Disease...

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Chapter 25 Nutrition, Liver Disease, and Gallstones Course Objective: 4 Learning Objectives: 1. Describe the metabolic alterations associated with fatty liver and hepatitis and the appropriate nutritional therapy for each. 2. Discuss the conditions associated with the development of cirrhosis and the physiological and metabolic consequences of the disease. 3. State the kcalorie and protein requirements of clients with liver disease and explain why modifications of these requirements might be made. 4. Organize a diet for clients with liver failure including carbohydrate, fat, sodium, and fluid needs. 5. Describe diet therapy for clients before and after liver transplant. The study questions on page 784 in the text will help you review the chapter. In addition you should answer the following questions. Define the following terms : 1. hepatic 2. fatty liver 3. hyperbilirubinemia 4. hepatitis 5. jaundice 6. cirrhosis 7. Laennec’s cirrhosis 8. portal vein 9. hepatic vein 10. hepatic artery 11. biliary tract 12. fulminant liver failure 13. hemochromatosis 14. Wilson’s disease 15. biliary atresia 16. ascites 17. esophageal varices 18. hyponatremia 19. hyperammonemia 20. flapping tremor
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Short-answer questions: 1. Most commonly, fatty liver develops from: a. b. c. 2. Fatty liver caused by malnutrition demands a diet adequate in: a. b. c. 3. Conditions that lead to liver disease include: a. b. c. d. 4. These three factors determine how seriously hepatitis will affect health: a. b.
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Ch 25 Liver Questions - Chapter 25 Nutrition Liver Disease...

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