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Unformatted text preview: emonstration on how to register your clicker at the beginning of class on August 22 (this Thursday). Bring your clicker and your laptop computer to class on that day (if you don’t own a laptop computer, write down the steps and register your clicker from a university­owned computer after class If are experiencing technical problems with your clicker, have questions regarding use, or if you missed the August 22 demonstration and don’t know how to register the device, go to the Help Desk at Middleton library. DO NOT CONTACT THE PROFESSOR OR THE TA WITH TECHNICAL QUESTIONS REGARDING CLICKERS. CONTACT THE STAFF AT THE HELP DESK! Finally: DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CLICKER TO CLASS!!! Exams Exams Non­cumulative Multiple­choice: 20 Identifications (taken from “Essential Works” lists posted weekly on Moodle) + 5 Associations (art and art historical terminology/ vocabulary, taken from the underlined terms in my PowerPoint presentations) Need to purchase large (letter­size) Scantrons What to study? How to study? What to study? How to study? Your primary study materials for this class are my PowerPoint lectures posted on Moodle Underlined Terms in PowerPoint lectures and lists “Essential Works” (ca. 20/lecture), posted on Moodle, allow you to narrow down materials to study for exams Keep up with materials throughout the semester, attend class, cramming the day before the exam won’t do you any good! Consider flashcards Lowbrow Art of Robert Williams Robert Williams, Exploration of the Subconscious on I­40 , 1991­92, oil /c. Robert Williams, Museum Catalog Title: Paris, South of Daggett, Where Sigmund Freud is the Name of a Soothsayer’s Parrot and Where the Wildest Revealed Dream of the Evening is Posted over the Bar and the Best Dreamer Gets a Door Prize Colloquial Title: A Leotard Weekend for Tractor Jockeys on Their Way to the Louvre November Events November Events The “guest star” of this year’s edition of ART 1001 will be the “father of Lowbrow Art,” California painter and underground comic artist Robert Williams, who co­founded “Juxtapoz” magazine, the most influential American art periodical of recent years. Robert Williams will deliver a public lecture in the Union Theater on Tuesday, November 13 @ 5:00 p.m., which you are expected to attend as part of regular class activities. BRING YOUR CLICKER! We will cancel class on Monday, November 12, so that you can visit the Robert Williams exhibition (see below) and attend the lecture on Tuesday. There will be a documentary exhibition on Robert and Suzanne Williams’ life and work in the LSU Union Art Gallery, opening Monday, November 12. There is also a plethora of additional information on both artists available on the internet. Questions for Robert Williams Questions for Robert Williams On Wednesday, November 14, we will have a panel discussion with Robert and Suzanne during regular class time in the Cox Auditorium. For this discussion, everyone in class will be required to submit three questions to Robert and Suzanne Williams. For each question, imagine, in one or two sentences (not more!), what his answer could be . These questions and answers need to be submitted no later than Monday, November 12, 8:00 p.m. throug...
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