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Ch 29 CA & HIV Questions new - Chapter 29 Nutrition, Cancer...

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Chapter 29 Nutrition, Cancer and HIV Infection Course Objective: 4 Learning Objectives: 1. Explain how cancer develops and discuss factors that can influence its occurrence. 2. Differentiate between dietary factors that initiate, promote, and fight against cancer. Give examples of each. 3. Describe the consequences of cancer and its direct and indirect affects on nutrition status. 4. List recommendations for reducing the risk of cancer. 5. Discuss treatments typically used in fighting cancer and the nutrition support required. 6. Explain what HIV infection is and its progression to AIDS. 7. Describe factors that lead to alterations in nutrient status in people with HIV infections. 8. Discuss the importance of adequate nutrition support and how it might alter the course of HIV infection. The study questions on page 898 in your text will help you review the chapter. Define the following terms : 1. cancers 2. benign 3. malignant 4. tumor 5. adenomas 6. carcinomas 7. gliomas 8. leukemias 9. lymphomas 10. melanomas 11. sarcomas 12. metastasize
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carcinogens 14. promoters 15. initiators 16. Antipromoters 17. cancer cachexia syndrome 18. radiation therapy 19. chemotherapy 20. bone marrow transplant 21. human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 22. acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) 23. opportunistic infections 24. radiation enteritis 25. AIDS-related complex (ARC) 26. thrush 27. Kaposi’s sarcoma Complete these short answer questions: 1. The cancer cachexia syndrome is characterized by: a. b.
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Ch 29 CA & HIV Questions new - Chapter 29 Nutrition, Cancer...

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