Exam 4 Review - 864 Common abnormality seen with calcium...

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Advanced Nutrition Exam 4 Study Guide Keep to study for the final exam Question Topic Page Answer Causes of atherosclerosis 820 LDL values in atherosclerosis 821 Consequences of atherosclerosis 822 CHD risk factors 823 Classification of HDL and LDL values 823 TLC diet 825 Trans fat sources 826 Omega-3 fatty acid sources 828 Effects of exercise on HDLs 830 Recipe modifications to lower fat 832 Indication of understanding of TLC diet 832 Low potassium meals 837 Sodium recommendation for CHF 839 Dysphagia diet foods 841 Functions of the kidneys 852 Nephrotic syndrome 853 Medication treatment of nephrotic syndrome 854 Diet for nephrotic syndrome 854 Major sodium source in diet 855 Prerenal, Intrarenal, and Postrenal Factors 856 Symptoms of uremia 857 Fluid allowance given urine output 858 Platelet function in uremia 860 Symptoms of acute renal failure 860 Post kidney transplant diet 864 Side effects of immunosuppressants
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Unformatted text preview: 864 Common abnormality seen with calcium oxalate stones 866 Diet treatment for calcium oxalate stones 868 Process of dialysis 874 Age group for which cancer is number 1 cause of death 879 Environmental causes of cancer 881 Carcinogens 881 Cancers associated with diet habits 882 Diet to prevent cancer 883 Cancer cachexia 884 Treatments of cancer 885 Side effects of chemo and radiation 886 Medications for anorexia and wasting in cancer 886 Strategies for nausea and vomiting 888 Strategies to increase food intake 888 Nutrition support for bone marrow transplant patients 889 Years for HIV to progress to AIDS 891 Early symptoms of HIV infection 891 Unsafe temperature zone 892 Causes of wasting with HIV 892 Cancer common to HIV patients 893 Nutrition education for HIV patients 895...
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Exam 4 Review - 864 Common abnormality seen with calcium...

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