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Location of most nutrient digestion and absorption 739 Lifestyle risk for constipation 740 Diarrhea types 742 Fluid and electrolyte replacement 743 Foods contraindicated with diarrhea 743 Steatorrhea 744 Bacterial overgrowth 744 Low fat diet 746 Diet for pancreatitis 747 Other disease risk with alcoholism and pancreatitis 748 Tolerance of pancreatic enzyme replacements 748 Diet for cystic fibrosis 749 Symptoms of celiac disease 750 Diet for ulcerative colitis 754 Diet for short-bowel syndrome 756 Diet for diverticulosis 759 Function of portal vein 770 Treatment of fatty liver 771 Causes of hepatic A 771 Diet for hepatitis 772 Jaundice 772 Most common cause of cirrhosis in US 772 Portal hypertension 773 Collaterals 773 Ascites 774 Energy needs in liver damage 775 Diet for hepatic encephalopathy 776 Paracentesis 777 Diet for gastrointestinal bleeding 777 Side effects of immunosuppressive
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Unformatted text preview: medications 778 Location of erythropoiesis 786 Common anemia in hospitalized patients 788 Fasting blood glucose diagnostic for diabetes 792 Signs of type 2 diabetes 793 % women with gestational diabetes 793 Symptoms of hypoglycemia 795 Causes of hypoglycemia 795 Glycosylated hemoglobin 797 Diet for high lipids 799 Indications of understanding of diabetes management 799 Treatments to improve insulin resistance 800 Treatment for diabetic patient who is Hispanic on limited income 800 Use of alcohol in diabetic diets 800 Indications of understanding of diabetic meal plans 801 Reason to switch patient from oral hypoglycemic meds to insulin 805 Rebound hyperglycemia 806 Pregnancy and diabetes 808 Prenatal care for women with gestational diabetes 809 Metabolic syndrome 814...
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