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Unformatted text preview: ep, Men's various fortunes on my breast to heap, And thus to theirs dilate my individual mind, And share at length with them the shipwreck of mankind. Next Slide: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein Goethe in the Roman Campagna 1786 Willhelm Friedman Bach 1710-1784 1710-1784 1733 organist in Dresden 1746 organist at Halle The "Halle" Bach 40 keyboard works 7concertos 10 symphonies 33 sacred cantatas He may have contributed to J. S. Bach’s Inventionen and Sinfonien All composer portraits by Thomas Cobbe, who donated them to the University of Cincinnati in 1993 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 1714-1788 Carl Over 200 pieces of Over keyboard music keyboard 22 settings of The 22 Passion Passion Essay on the True Art of Playing True Keyboard Instruments Instruments 1753-1762 Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 1732-1795 The “Buckeburg” Bach Chamber musician at the Buckeburg Court from 1750 until his death Composed: 20 symphonies 6 keyboard concertos Brutus (opera) Cantatas Oratorios Portraits of J. C. F. Bach Johann Christian Bach 1735-1782 Johann The “English” Bach 1762 composer to the King's Theatre in London Composed successful Italian operas Orchestral, chamber & keyboard music Social & musical success Friend of and influence on Mozart Franz Joseph Haydn 1732-1809 Motivic composer Taught Beethoven His total output includes 108 symphonies 68 string quartets 32 divertimenti for small orchestra 126 trios for baryton, viola, and cello 29 trios for piano, violin,...
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