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Soc Notes Test 2 - Alex Eades Prof. Sweeney Quick Summaries...

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Alex Eades Prof. Sweeney Quick Summaries for Sociology Test “Some Principles of Stratification” Davis and Moore, with Tumin That society has social stratification on necessity, because you are trying to guarantee that the best people fit the job. It also agues that stratification occurs because some positions are more important (i.e. Doctor) than others (i.e. Restaurant waiter) and that is why they are valued differently. While Tumin states that stratification is unfair. “Who Rules America?” Domhoff It discusses how the rich have better opportunities to get the better jobs, because they went to better schools. It also hints on the fact that the upper class people exclude themselves from the rest. They have too much of the share of power through economic and political pull. “Black Wealth/ White Wealth” Oliver and Shapiro Hits on the disparity of wealth between African Americans and European Americans. He talks about politics that favored whites to gain wealth while blacks lay stagnant. It says that if your family is wealthy, then your chances of accumulating wealth in a lifetime are greater. (i.e. Slavery, poor education, job training…FHA allowing loop holes that favored whites for loans and AFDC that is known for welfare are all factors for the disparity). “Nickel-and-Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America” This is about a woman that decided to become a working poor citizen. It is difficult because even if she is working multiple jobs she still struggles to make ends meat. The American Dream of working hard and it pays off was not coming through. She notices that people try to help each other (i.e. sharing a shower) to live day to day. Also it was hard for her to get proper food because she had no time to shop.
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Soc Notes Test 2 - Alex Eades Prof. Sweeney Quick Summaries...

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