6 t2 meters in t seconds hbl find how long it takes

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Unformatted text preview: eters and the particle is at a minimum when k2{ 4 1 1 m i1y jz t = ÄÄÄÄÄ seconds, with s j ÄÄÄÄÄ z = - 4 ÄÄÄÄÄ meters HeL s HtL = 2 t - 1 so v H3L = 5 ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Ä k2{ 2 4 sec = 6 meters m A calculus book thrown vertically upward on the planet Zorgon at a velocity of 27 ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ reaches a height of Ä sec HaL Find the book ¢ s velocity and acceleration as functions of time s = 27 t - 0.6 t2 meters in t seconds. HbL Find how long it takes the book to reach its highest point...
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