22 A nEWs style allison porter

22 A nEWs style allison porter - that is what their...

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This essay was about the main three rules that a store must have in order to be a successful store. Porter talks about the appearance of the store, how the store has suggestive selling, and also the wrap up of the purchase. I do not agree totally with her point of view on how the appearance matters that much. In the essay Porter says that the store has to be clean and well light, it also has to have eye-catching signs in the windows. This is not totally true, for example if you go to the mall today you can see many stores such as Hot topic, or Spencer Gifts that are not like this at all. Hot topic is a very dark store and its workers usually are wearing dark clothing and many piercings. Spencer Gifts is the same way as in it is not very bright and it does not appeal to the general population. But these stores don’t want to appeal to the general population they want to appeal to their customers and
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Unformatted text preview: that is what their customers like. Porter also talks about how suggestive selling is a crucial part in stores daily sales. This may be true at some points but from my own experience I think that it sometimes turns off buyers. When I am shopping and I keep getting bombarded by people asking me to buy something more than what I want I usually will just leave instead of looking around more. Her last rule in the essay is about the cash wrap, or your experience at the cash register. This is completely thrown out the window in new high tech stores like Stop & Shop and Lowes because with a Self-checkout line there is no need at all to talk to a cashier because you can do it all yourself. Overall I think that Porters points are good but they could use some refining because for each of them there is small parts that she may have missed out on....
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22 A nEWs style allison porter - that is what their...

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