222 gladiator analysis

222 gladiator analysis - The movie Gladiator directed by...

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The movie Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott, is a beautifully woven master piece that eloquently blends all the different aspects of movie making magic. This movie created in 2000 is the story of Maximus, a great roman general who is sent into exile by Commodus, the son of Marcus Aurelius Caesar. He is enslaved and purchased as a gladiator by Proximo and sent to fight in the arena of all arenas, the Coliseum. The narrative form of this movie is done by Maximus. He narrates to us using voice over narrative, this is very effective because it almost seems like we are getting an inside account of the events that are unfolding on screen. This gives a more emotional attachment to the movie because we hear the voice of the man that we are intently watching on screen instead of an unknown unseen narrator. Hubs and satellites also are evident throughout the film. An example of them would be in the beginning of the movie when we see Commodus kill his father and become the Emperor of Rome. This is the first main hub of the movie. This scene sets up all the action and plot for the rest of the movie. Without this scene we cannot gain the knowledge of how Marcus Aurelius dies and his son becomes emperor. Also we would not be able to see the true evil nature of Commodus until much later in the movie. An example of satellite would be the scene in the beginning where Maximus is talking to one of his commanders about the battle. While this scene is interesting and gives us character development this does not move the plot
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222 gladiator analysis - The movie Gladiator directed by...

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