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The New Male Shopper response essay

The New Male Shopper response essay - to worry about your...

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The New Male Shopper By: Stefana Soitos This essay talks about how Malcolm Gladwell looked at men in his essay “The Science of Shopping”. In this essay Soitos talks about the many ways in which Gladwell was wrong is the way he perceived men and the way they shop. First Soitos talks about how there are new shows like Project Runway and Queer Eye for the Strait Guy but most men do not watch these shows willingly. The most of the men in America that watch these shows are metrosexuals and they already know how to dress good and shop anyway so there is not much of a difference there. I agree with Frank Coppa’s point when he says “I don’t really care what the store looks like; if they have good clothes, I would go in and look around.” I also believe this way, in that it is mostly about the merchandise that you have in your store. The only time that you would have
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Unformatted text preview: to worry about your stores appearance would be new customers because they have never been there before. But if I know that a certain store has clothes that I love it is not going to stop me from going in there by the way it looks or the way it is set up. I also agree with Soitos’ point in that you do not have to be a metrosexual to spend a lot of time in the store. Soitos father takes hours and hours to pick our shoes that he wants. I am the same way sometimes because I know that if I am spending a lot of money on something I want it to fit me right and last a long time. If it doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable there is no use in buying it. Soitos brings up many good points in this essay. I agree with some be disagree with others but overall he is right about how Gladwell takes a too broad look at his perception of men....
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