10 chapter - 8 chapters 8.3 stream spruce spruce stomata...

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8 chapters 8.3 stream spruce – spruce stomata does not close as tightly in dry conditions spuce have lower efficiency in using water than pines. Spruce grow where its wetter and cooler. (higher elevation and along trees.) 8.6 crooked wood – environmental condition that excludes trees from the high alpine region on a mountain top, which forces them to grow short and shrub like. 8.8 subalpine invasion – forest trees are invading subalpine meadows in mountain region. 8.9 soil tubes - are created by pocket gophers. Which soil from digging is brought to the surface. 8.10 floral diversity - the short growing season forced to pollinate and produce seeds before winter time. Competitive. 8.13 leaf fuzz – alpine plants suffer water loss from cold win whenever their stomata are open for photosynthesis. So they are covered with long hairs that trap a layer of air next to leaf surface. 8.14 old lichens – 8.15 pink snow - pink snow comes from a single celd organism that is called alga chlamydomonas nivalis . 9 chapter 9.1 west coast conifers - in the west coast conifers are the most advantage because of photosynthesis continues most of winter. 9.2 pine plains – are fire adapted pine and oak communities with nutrient poor soil. 9.3 aspen clones – grow in clusters and share nutrients. 9.7 blow down – tree falling from disasters. 9.9 browse lines – animals can only feed where they can reach palatable food by trees that grow in the same area. 9.10 masting – mast seeding is the synchronized production of large seed crops 9.11 bark galleries – bark beetles make tunnel underneath the bark. And lay their eggs. 9.16 witches broom and mistletoes – bacteria like pathogenic cells, fungal rusts, and mistletoes cause the formation of dense clusters of stunted and abnormal stems on the branches of shrubs and trees. 9.17 Spanish moss. Hang on trees. the moss is epiphyte and air plant.
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10 chapter - 8 chapters 8.3 stream spruce spruce stomata...

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