31308his1520 - b It was germanies but they were too bust to...

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31308his1520 Lecture I missed: #6 the new imperialism OUTLINE I. Japan II. Imperialism III. The Boer War IV. US imperial policy Imerialism: Direct/Formal/Colonialism Indirect/Informal/Semi-Colonies Spheres of influence Names/places/ideas 1. Alternate attendace 2. the perry expedition 3. iwakura mission 4. Satsuma rebellion 5. russo-japanese war 6. Port author 7. treaty of nanking 8. Nehru and jinnah 9. Austria-hungary 10. king Leopold of Belgium 11. Congo free state 12. berlin west African conference 13. Afrikaners 14. great trek of 1836 15. Orange free state 16. Transvaal 17. Koos de la rey 18. Black week 19. bitter-enders 20. british concentration camps 21. Ethiopia and Liberia 22. The Spanish-american war 23. Panama canal
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Lecture #7 The two world wars OUTLINE I. China II. World war I III. The interwar years IV. World War II Three peoples principles(united league: chinas nationalist party) 1. nationalism 2. democracy 3. Livelihood 1911- national party gets their revolution Names/Places/Ideas 1. Chiang Kai shek 2. Shantung a. Allowed to keep in secret alliance?
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Unformatted text preview: b. It was germanies but they were too bust to keep it 3. The triple alliance a. Germany Austria-hungry italy, 1882 4. Kaiser Wilhelm II a. Son of throne as Fredrick the III i. Called the march to june emperor ii. Has throat cancer iii. Bismark hated him b. Came to throne @ age 29 c. Considered cocky and unstable d. Immature/impulsive e. Reign ends in disaster? 5. The arms races 6. Militarism 7. Franco-russian Pact 8. Entente cordial 9. triple entente 10. Bosnia and Herzegovina 11. Serbia 12. the black hand 13. franz Ferdinand 14. The “black check” 15. The schlieffen plan 16. unrestricted u-boat warfare- the sinking of lusitania 17. The Zimmerman telegraph 18. the black day 19. the Versailles treaty 20. decree on peace 21. the cheka 22. kulaks 23. benito Mussolini – II duce 24. The beer hall putsch 25. Neville champerlain and appeasement 26. The munich conference 27. Manchukuo 28. The rape of nanking 29. pearl harbor...
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31308his1520 - b It was germanies but they were too bust to...

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