11008his1520 - History 1520- 1/10/08 After romans and...

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History 1520- 1/10/08 After romans and greeks there wasn’t much political unity in Europe Germany/france/whole central area was holy roman empire Prussia emerged as the largest centralized state- becomes germany 1878- germany becomes a country- bout the same time as italy Catholic church rises up out of roman empire, becomes main body of authority in Europe 700’s= rise of islam Columbus’s exploration of the new world is symbolic journey of west meeting east. Europes strong economy came out of crusades. Rise of sea based trade- Phoenician Nomads kind of big Get tape recorder- teacher is monotone Labor systems European disease killing off the American Indians. Disease is a big theme in this part of the class. When Europeans came over to the new world they brought over their diseases and killed off big numbers of Indians. But basically disease was a big factor of why Europeans subjugated the Americas. **not just disease affected the Indians, but Europeans changed the entire landscape of Americas. They brought of their plants and animals, and the invasive species took over. There were no large land grazers prior to European- ate all natural grasses. Euros also won on an ecological basis. Slave trade picks up in this period, Americas became heavily dependant. Spanish and portugese heavy into south America, try many diff means of labor systems. Asia had large land based empires. Larger empire the larger the army. Euro exploration can be summed up by three words- god, gold, and glory. Portugese were first to seriously explore other worlds, started with Africa islands. 16 th century dominated the Indian ocean for trade Ferdinand Magellan, first to circumnavigate the globe. Henry the navigator, did no navigating, but had a navigating school. Magellan started his trip in 1519 spanish funded, but portugese. Trying to find a route from indies to Americas. Died during the trip- fighting natives, only one of his ships made it back. Maritime revolution- big changes in ways ships built. Smaller, more navigable/maneuverable. Compass invented. Copied from arabs, from Chinese. Astrolabe let you know how far north/south of equator.
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11008his1520 - History 1520- 1/10/08 After romans and...

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