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13108his1520 Lecture #3 China from Ming to Qing OUTLINE: I. Domestic problems of the ming a. Wan li emperor b. Tax reforms c. Land survey II. Rise of the manchus a. None before 1600’s b. North of china c. Manchuria d. III. The qing golden age a. Mancu people conquer in 1640’s b. Empire in under control by 1660 c. Unparalled stability d. 1670’s main problem arrives- wu sangui had been rewarded for his cooperation, been made a high ranking army official and been given a lot of land, Manchu wanted the land back after 30 years IV. East meets west Names, places, and ideas: 1. The Wanli Emperor: Zhu Yijun (r. 1572- 1620) a. A period of deepening crisis b. 10 years after taking throne problems arise c. Wanted to stabilize the efficiency of the monarchy 2. Zang Juzheng a. Advisor to the emporer b. Chief grand secretary
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Unformatted text preview: c. Starts looking to tweak the tax system d. Looking to restrict the excess of the merchant class e. Streamline tax system because economy is becoming more commercialized f. Wanted to do a land survey of the entire empire 3. Single whip reforms a. Having taxes paid in silver rather than in kind b. Timing- taxes had been paid at the time of harvest c. Consolidates taxes d. Benefited the rich who readily had silver 4. Wang yangming 5. “innate knowledge of the good” 6. Donglin Academy 7. Manchus 8. Nurchi 9. Li Zicheng 10. Wu sangui 11. Kangxi 12. Yongzheng 13. Qianlong 14. Adam smith “wealth of nations” Rectification of names: people staying in their stations Literati thought the government should be more hands off...
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13108his1520 - c Starts looking to tweak the tax system d...

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